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Eyes — Tricks of the Trade
Seeing is Believing!

With just a little practice and a good assessment for your eyes and what they need to promote the best you, you can develop confidence of your allure. See the difference you can make with color and shading.

To Enhance Small Eyes: Use only light shades of eye shadow from lashes to crease, then blend darker shade up and out toward tip of eyebrow. Apply Highlighter at the outer corners. Mascara on upper lashes only. Eyeliner on upper lids must be very thin. Underline from center of pupil to corners.

Deep-Set Eyes: Use a light color of eye shadow over the entire lid. Use darker shadow above the crease and the darkest shadow in the crease. Don’t underline the eyes and use liner only in center of upper lid. Concentrate mascara at tips of lashes.

Shallow Eyes: Use darker shadow on the lid, lighter above the brow. Dot eyeliner at base of lashes. Underline from corner to center. Mascara to upper lashes only.

Close Set Eyes: Accent outer corners with shadow. Lighten inside corners of eyes. Extend eyeliner out toward brow.

Narrow Eyes: Light eye shadow centered from lashes to crease. Darker hue at inside corners. Darker still at outside corners and up. Underlining optional. Use only the thinnest eyeliner to upper lid.

Droopy Eyes: Mascara upper and lower. Curl lashes. Dark smoky shadow to center of lid at lashes. Extend this color upward and outward. Eyeliner from center upper lid, widening upward towards outside corners. Underline center and out.

Heavy Folds at Outer, Upper Lids: Light eye shadow at inner lid, darker at outer area. Blend carefully.

Overhanging Lid: Neutral shadow over entire lid, smokey brown or gray on overhang. Blend well, no eyeliner. Heavy mascara on upper lashes.

Bulging at Brow: shade the bulging area, use a light shadow near lashes only. Dark eyeliner on upper and lower lids.

Puffiness Under Eyes: Highlighter from crease to brow. Emphasis on eyeliner.

The famous phrase “The eyes are the window of the soul” is a truism. What is it you want others to see? Here are other truisms. Use them to your benefit.

The eyebrows are the frame of the face.

Accentuate them. They add, in fact, reveal expression. They can make your face look distinct and interesting. They are part and parcel of a pair of beautiful eyes. Use Magic of Aloe Eyebrow Pencil and Brush-on-Brow to refine, to outline.

The eyelashes are the frames of the eyes.

Just as the eyebrows are the frame of the face. Mascara tipped lashes add sparkle and life to the eyes. The contrast of mascara against the white of the eyes adds a striking dimension to the eye, as well as suggests more depth of color to the iris. Curl your eyelashes to open the eye, to give yourself that look of wide-eyed wonder that can be so enchanting. Refer to the application tips for Magic of Aloe Eyeliner and Long Lash Mascara to enhance the beauty of your own eyes.

Put the lid on!

Or put on the lid! Use color to fit the fashion, meet the mood, enhance eye color. Shading your eyelids and beneath the brow can bring your eyes forward, set them deeper — almost anything you want.

Application for Eyebrows

The illustration following Brush-on-Brow demonstrates the basic outline for shaping an attractive eyebrow. Their explanation is given below:

A. Starting Point — Directly up from the corner of the nose to the inside corner of the eye.

B. “U” — The eyebrow should be shaped like a “U” resting on its side and pointing in the direction of the center of the opposite eye.

C. High Point — Approximately ¾ of the length of the eye from the inner corner.

D. Meeting Point — Where the eyebrow starts to angle toward the end of the eyebrow, approximately ¼ inch past the high point.

E. End — The eyebrow should end on the line extending from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

The direction of the angle depends on the shape of the face.

Round — angle the brow towards the top of the ear.

Oval — angle the brow towards the center of the ear.

Long — angle the brow towards the bottom of the ear.

Eyebrow Diagram

Application for Eyeliner

Begin at the inner corner of the eye and draw a thin line, which follows the eye’s curve. Personal preference will dictate the width of the line desired.

For a soft, seductive look, slant the pencil and then smudge with fingertips.

Down Sloping Eye — Eyeliner corrects the shape.

Almond Eye Shape — Eyeliner creates the shape.

Round Eye Shape — Eyeliner creates the shape.

Eye Shadow

Wet or dry, Magic of Aloe Eye Shadows create an alluring, sensuous look.

  • Many seasonal colors.
  • Colors to complement the costume as well as the eye.

Shadowing Tips

Eye shadow should be changed to fit the mood, the time of day and to match the outfit being worn. Intensity of color will depend on lighting and occasion.

Give eye make-up a base by applying Moisture Liquid Make-up over the eyelid lightly first.

The Basic Shade — Shadow is applied from the base of the lashes to the first fold of the eye.

Highlighter — Highlight directly underneath the eyebrows, using a white or light color.

Contouring — Mix the Basic Shade and White, or use a brown tone to shade the contour area of the lid.

Special Note

Another way to “shadow seal” is to use Champagne or Nearly Nude over the entire eyelid.

Eyeshadow Diagram

For Women Who Wear Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can work for, rather than against. A few helpful hints are all that are needed.

  • Wear a deeper contour shadow.
  • Wear a mascara to accentuate the eyeglasses. False eyelashes can further enhance the eyes, but remember, false eyelashes must also fit the mood and occasion.
  • Wear highlighter directly under the eyebrows as in normal make-up application.
  • The shape of the eyebrow SHOULD NOT follow the lines of the glass frame. For angular frames, shape the eyebrow in a rounded fashion. For rounded frames, peak to break the line.

How To: Face | Eyes | Lips